Jim works from a studio in Falmouth, but much of the time he is painting outdoors. He will do initial sketches and studies in acrylic of, for example the inspirational Cornish coastline, hills and woodland, capturing the mood of these unique landscapes. These studies can often be developed back in the studio, although much of this “plein-air” work not only retains a freshness but also a completeness. His paintings portray a strong sense of place and fascination with the natural world and ever changing light, colour and atmospheres of the seasons.

In recent years Jim has been painting the completely different terrain of the French and Spanish countryside, responding to a warmer more vivid colour and light. A light which is quite unlike the cold light he knew years before when studying Fine Art in Glasgow. In this work there are more shadows, bluer skies, sometimes brighter, more intense colours reminiscent of an impressionists world. Jim’s work is an ongoing exploration in paint . His landscape paintings are not only a representation of a particular scene but contain an expression of an emotional response to those elements caught in a moment in time.